About Us

We are a non-profit organization located on Vancouver Island. We have rescued over 630 horses from slaughter since 2015. We currently have many horses available for adoption and some who are permanent residents of the rescue due to health or age.  


"Aiming to save, protect and improve the lives of horses in BC. Working towards saving horses bound for slaughter in BC and Alberta."  



Why do we Rescue Horses from the Auctions?

The Auctions:

Horses are sent to auctions either because the owners cannot keep them, do not want to pay their vet care, or have a surplus of offspring from their breeding/racing program. The hope is they will be brought by individuals but, unfortunately, the great majority are bid on by the "Meat Man".

The auctions are often muddy and unprotected from the elements and elderly and compromised horses sometimes do not make it through the process alive.

The "Meat Man":

These individuals make a living providing animals for the slaughterhouses. They bid on horses based on their weight and will take ponies, drafts, foals, pregnant and nursing mares, as well as sound riding horses. They are not all bad - many let us buy back if we lost out in the auction, and a few have even called when really nice horses arrive at their place destined for slaughter. However, the reality is that these buyers are sending these horses to an unpleasant death. 


This is not humane euthanasia, folks! These places are high stress, injuries occur, and they are crammed together waiting for their turn. The meat is generally exported for human consumption, and testing for medications in the meat is lax. We will not elaborate too much here..but you get the idea! Do you research and see.

Why is there an Adoption Fee?

The cost for Humanity for Horses Foundation to rescue a horse is comprised of the auction fee, transport to a foster/quarantine, transport from the interior to the island with a licensed hauler, ferries, vet/medications/wormer, and feed daily. The adoption fee is MUCH lower than the actual cost of reducing a horse -often 1/4-1/3 of the amount. The adoption fee helps offset the cost incurred in that horse's journey to safety. but in no way covers the actual expenses. This is why we rely on the generosity of our horse community or not one of these horses would be alive today!

Adoption Forms

Interactive application forms:

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Adoptable Horses



Meet Casanova!!!

This guy is hoping his forever family will find him soon. Casanova may look huge! But he is a gentle giant with a huge heart.

He is a 20-year-old Percheron gelding and requires sedation to get his feet done.

He is also UTD on vaccines and teeth.

He’s not broke to drive or ride.

He is at the bottom of the pecking order and good with mares.

Location: Cowichan Bay, BC

Adoption Fee: $1,400

Cassie - "Coming Soon"



Cora is an absolute beauty. Not only is she gorgeous, she is sweet as pie. She is a 6-year-old draft cross. Unfortunately, she has some neurological issues and her back legs tend to lock up if she’s made to stand too long. She needs the freedom to move and can’t be stuck in a stall. She would greatly benefit from chiropractic and massage treatments. She would make a fantastic EFW therapy or companion horse. Could you be Cora’s forever family?

Looking for a Sponsor

Not Rideable

Companion only 

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee: $1,000



22-year-old QH gelding

Good trail horse once he gets moving.  

We have not ridden him or tried him out.

We are looking for a foster home, or foster to adopt, or free lease

Broke to ride but can be challenging when you first get on, we are told.

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee: $900



Ellie is 5 years old and She stands at about 12 hh. She is a ton of fun and a busy girl who gets bored easily.  

Currently she is halter broke, good for farrier, and good to blanket.   

She has a significant love for water and you will find her playing in the water tubs, kiddy pools, puddles etc.  if she has the opportunity to go swimming she will jump in.   

She does has a 4.5” overbite so a special diet will eventually be needed. She should also go bitless. She does require her teeth done every 9 months. 

Adoption Fee: $1250 will increase with training.



4 year-old Quarter Horse

He needs training and daily handling.  

He’s very gentle with his humans and loves a good snuggle he’s a sensitive guy just figuring his spot out in the herd.  

At his previous home he was just learning to be ridden and would love to train more!  

If you are looking to make a life long friend please consider Elliot, he would love the chance to grow with you. 

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee: $1,500



Molly is an 18 year old mini mare located in Duncan, BC

This beautiful girl is quite timid, but slowly she is learning to warm up to the volunteers. She’s most happy out grazing in the sun. 

Molly requires, yearly blood work to monitor her Cushings. She currently takes 1/2 a tablet of prascend daily but this may need to be increased in the near further. Low sugar hay is required.

We would love to see Molly find a loving home for her to enjoy retirement out in the fields feeling safe and at home. 

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee:  Fair Market Donation



Meet Neveah this lovely kind hearted Soul is ready for her forever home.

She is a 23 yr old qh mare standing about 15 hh.

She is easy to catch , and easy to handle.

She is kind and gentle.

Loves to be brushed and would be ok for light riding.

UTD on working, teeth and vaccines. 

Location: Vancouver Island  

Adoption Fee: $1.100



Takoda is a 14 year old Medicine Hat paint gelding, with the sweetest personality ever!!! 

This guy can be a little shy on first greeting, but once you share a carrot you have made a friend for life. He loves grazing on grass out in the field with his best friend Mitchie, you rarely see them apart. He patiently waits for the ladies to be fed first, and then knows his treats and attention are coming too ❤️ Being brushed out in the sun is a relaxing time for Takoda and the volunteers, everyone loves visiting with him. 

Takoda is broke to ride and is best suited for a young child. 

Please note that Takoda does require daily previcox for navicular bone changes in his front left foot. The vet has suggested front shoes would help.

This doesn’t stop Takoda from being a happy go lucky guy! We would love to see Takoda have the loving family he deserves ❤️

Location: Cowichan Bay, BC

Adoption Fee: $900



Meet Tucker!! (Formerly Victor) an 18-year-old OTTB

This handsome guy has been returned to the rescue due to his human health and is settling in with the herd.

He very quickly befriended the volunteers and loves coming over for a good scratch and attention, he’s a very affectionate guy!

Tucker is broke to ride.

He will definitely make a great addition to any family

One little thing to note about Tucker, he’s afraid of needles (don’t worry Tucker so am I) so requires extra patience when it comes to vet checkups with needles.

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee: $1500

River - "Coming Soon"



Meet Willow!!! 

Willow is a 12 year old TW mare. She is a beautiful independent gal! 

When Willow was rescued she was in foal, her son River can be seen in some of her photos with her ❤️ - although she makes beautiful babies, Willow will be adopted with a non breeding contract. This poor lady suffered some serious trauma and internal damage during birth and had to be cauterized due to extended significant bleeding. No breeders need apply please. 
Willow is gaited, very green and nervous under saddle. She is looking for a patient family to help her gain trust and to grow with. Show homes will also not be considered as adopters. She is a beautiful girl who minds her own business, and enjoys being out in the fields grazing on grass. We would love to see this lovely lady find a family to call her own where she can live a spoiled life. 

Location: Duncan 

Adoption fee: $1500

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