About Us

We are a non-profit organization located on Vancouver Island. We have rescued over 630 horses from slaughter since 2015. We currently have many horses available for adoption and some who are permanent residents of the rescue due to health or age.  


"Aiming to save, protect and improve the lives of horses in BC. Working towards saving horses bound for slaughter in BC and Alberta."  



Why do we Rescue Horses from the Auctions?

The Auctions:

Horses are sent to auctions either because the owners cannot keep them, do not want to pay their vet care, or have a surplus of offspring from their breeding/racing program. The hope is they will be brought by individuals but, unfortunately, the great majority are bid on by the "Meat Man".

The auctions are often muddy and unprotected from the elements and elderly and compromised horses sometimes do not make it through the process alive.

The "Meat Man":

These individuals make a living providing animals for the slaughterhouses. They bid on horses based on their weight and will take ponies, drafts, foals, pregnant and nursing mares, as well as sound riding horses. They are not all bad - many let us buy back if we lost out in the auction, and a few have even called when really nice horses arrive at their place destined for slaughter. However, the reality is that these buyers are sending these horses to an unpleasant death. 


This is not humane euthanasia, folks! These places are high stress, injuries occur, and they are crammed together waiting for their turn. The meat is generally exported for human consumption, and testing for medications in the meat is lax. We will not elaborate too much here..but you get the idea! Do you research and see.

Why is there an Adoption Fee?

The cost for Humanity for Horses Foundation to rescue a horse is comprised of the auction fee, transport to a foster/quarantine, transport from the interior to the island with a licensed hauler, ferries, vet/medications/wormer, and feed daily. The adoption fee is MUCH lower than the actual cost of reducing a horse -often 1/4-1/3 of the amount. The adoption fee helps offset the cost incurred in that horse's journey to safety. but in no way covers the actual expenses. This is why we rely on the generosity of our horse community or not one of these horses would be alive today!

Adoption Forms

Interactive application form:

Printable form:



Amyr is 8yrs old and roughly 11 hands. 

Has a nice confirmation and moves beautifully. He is very smart and loyal to his person but takes awhile to warm up to strangers. He has an amazing memory, which can work for you or against you lol. He needs a patient kind handler.

 Would be a beautiful cart pony or just fun to play with. He has been in a herd of mares and geldings but does try to be boss if he can. 

He also has a high play drive. 

Located in Salmon Arm, BC

Adoption Fee: $2,500


Candy 🍭 🐴

We can’t believe this beautiful girl hasn’t been adopted yet. She is definitely on the favorites list with the volunteers. This girl is the perfect combo of sweet and sassy. She hurries over to greet you at the gate, is always first in line for treats and absolutely loves to rest her head on your shoulder for a good snuggle. Candy would be an amazing addition to any family. 

She is an 18 year old mare with lots of life to life ❤️

Does on occasion have seasonal heaves, so has soaked hay during the summer.

She was tested for Cushings in Feb. 2024 and was negative however the vet does have her on the list to retest in Sept. 2024.

Broke to ride 🐎

She has not being ridden in a few years so would need a refresher as when you get on she wants to run… there is no walk button. 

She used to be on a working cattle farm…but in saying that they would saddle her and take off at a gallop back (said she was the fastest horse they had, no walk button).

She was sent auction because she started to bite when being saddled… we did treat her for ulcers and she has been fine since. We did saddle her a few times and she definitely wants to bolt off.  Our sessions included saddling (rewarding), handwalking (rewarding) getting off (rewarding), taking saddle off (rewarding). We did not get to the point where we could walk forward as she would instantly prance and want to bolt). 

She is not a child's horse. She is for an experienced rider only, however she enjoys children and loves to be brushed. 

Located in Cowichan Bay, BC

Adoption Fee: $2,500





Meet Cassie! A lovely six-year-old, black and white paint, who loves attention.  

She was adopted as a three-year-old, started, but worked too hard, too fast, and unfortunately suffered an injury to her right front leg. She was returned 20 months later.

She’s a companion as the front fetlock joint is twisted, so early onset of arthritis is likely, we do have x-rays available.  She would benefit from continued, acupuncture and yearly chiropractic.

She is low in the herd, and gets along well with both geldings and mares and loves to run around with minis and the donkeys.  

We are advertising her as a companion only however, she would be OK for very very light periodic easy trail riding. There will be a NO breeding contract. 

Adoption fee: $2,500



Cora is an absolute beauty. Not only is she gorgeous, she is sweet as pie. She is a 6-year-old draft cross. Unfortunately, she has some neurological issues and her back legs tend to lock up if she’s made to stand too long. She needs the freedom to move and can’t be stuck in a stall. She would greatly benefit from chiropractic and massage treatments. She would make a fantastic EFW therapy or companion horse. Could you be Cora’s forever family?

Looking for a Sponsor

Not Rideable

Companion only 

Location: Duncan, BC

Adoption Fee: $2,500



23 year-old QH gelding 

Excellent low maintenance companion horse. 

Darby is a nice solid little qh gelding who loves attention. He will stand for hours while you brush him. If you want to tell him your deepest secrets he will listen. If you want a shoulder to cry one his shoulders are soft and hold your head while you lean on him. 

Broke to ride but extremely challenging therefore being homed as a companion. 

Location: Cowichan Bay

Adoption Fee: $2,500



Ellie is 5 years old and She stands at about 12 hh. She is a ton of fun and a busy girl who gets bored easily.  

Currently she is halter broke, good for farrier, and good to blanket.   

She has a significant love for water and you will find her playing in the water tubs, kiddy pools, puddles etc.  if she has the opportunity to go swimming she will jump in.   

She does has a 4.5” overbite so a special diet will eventually be needed. She should also go bitless. She does require her teeth done every 9 months. 

Adoption Fee: $3,000 will increase with training.



Meet Willow!!! 

Willow is a 12 year old TW mare. She is a beautiful independent gal! 

When Willow was rescued she was in foal, her son River can be seen in some of her photos with her ❤️ - although she makes beautiful babies, Willow will be adopted with a non breeding contract. This poor lady suffered some serious trauma and internal damage during birth and had to be cauterized due to extended significant bleeding. No breeders need apply please. 
Willow is gaited, very green and nervous under saddle. She is looking for a patient family to help her gain trust and to grow with. Show homes will also not be considered as adopters. She is a beautiful girl who minds her own business, and enjoys being out in the fields grazing on grass. We would love to see this lovely lady find a family to call her own where she can live a spoiled life. 

Location: Duncan 

Adoption fee: $2,500

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