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We hope you will consider sponsorship of our rescue herd. Your support will make a massive difference to every horse that comes through our care. We pledge to treasure your contribution and use it wisely.

Pay-What-You-Want Sponsorship:

No amount is too small. Making a regular monthly contribution is the best way you can help us become sustainable. 

Farrier Sponsorship:

All our equines receive hoof trimming every six weeks.

Hay and Feed Sponsorship:

Your monthly donation will be used for feed, hay and supplements for our herd. 

Veterinarian Sponsorship:

Every month, your support goes directly to basic checkups, rehabilitation intervention, vaccinations, dental floats, de-worming, and special medical care when needed.

Total Herd Wellness Sponsorship:

Your generous monthly support goes directly to caring for the herd in all forms: facilities maintenance, bedding, feed & hay, transport, veterinarian and farrier care, and emergencies.

We also gratefully welcome one-time donations of any amount.

NOTE: Our goal is to obtain charity status in order to better sustain our funding efforts. We are actively working towards this goal. For now, we are unable to provide tax receipts